Double swing door - Left/right swing

Hi all,
I´m using the script from archi-lab to get Left/Right swings and it is perfectly working.
Since in the project we also have double-swing doors, i would get in this case both value (left and right)

Is it possible? Any idea?

I would grab all instances of that family type and pull them out of the list of door elements before you get the handing via archilab.

Likely best to do the same with pocket, sliding, and revolving doors while at it.

Thank you for the reply! i have a Parameter “Door elements number”, can i tell to Dynamo when the Parameter=2 than swing is= Left/Right…
is it possoble?How to do this?

The Archilab node you mentioned before should tell you the left/right swing aspect for most doors. The odd-swing types noted above don’t work there but you likely have a parameter which you can use to pull those out in advance with a list.filterbyboolmask node.

Hi all, here is what looks like.
Thanks @JacobSmall !!

Are you filtering doors or “Flügelanzhal” values? Wire the list of elements into the FilterByBoolMask node instead of the parameter values from the elements.

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yes it works! Thank you very much!

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