Door Tag Numbering Based off Number of Doors in Room

This script applies a number or letter before and after a door tag. It changes the mark of the door to accomplish this. I am hoping to create the script so that the tag numbers the doors based off of the rooms and also adds a different numbers for each door. For instance room 400 in Revit has four doors. The script needs to number one door D400A the second door D400B the third door D400C and so on.

Attached is a picture of the script.
Thank you

Because I can not add more than one picture to the original question. This is a picture before the script is run in Revit.

And one after

Hi Robert,

I think that you’ll find this is quite a common one, perhaps try a few forum searches.

If you install the BVN package, you’ll see a node called Door.RenumberByRoom this may well do what you want.

If not, try double clicking to open the node and have a look at how it works, you may well be able to copy parts into your main graph to create your own version.

My version can be found here…

Door Number by Linked Room - Clockwise from Entrance Door

Hope that’s helpful,


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