Assign door tag sequence that corresponds with room number


Our office standards associate the door number to the room number. I am looking to assign a parameter value to the door tag that follows a sequence but these values would also align to the room number. Basically if a room number is 100, then I would like my doors to be 100a, 100b, 100c, and so on, until it runs out of doors within that room, then it would go to the next room number 101, so we will get 101a, 101b, 101c, and so on. I hope this makes sense.

So far I was able to create the basics. The sequence has been created and the room number values have been acquired. How would I link the two together to achieve what I outlined above?

I am sure someone knows the answer here.

try this

Thanks for the quick reply

I went through the thread and recreated all scripts and it still does not work. Even with the awilliams script I cant get passed the list group by key. There can not be much difference in the first 4 nodes. All they are doing is acquiring information from the project. See image.

can you put a screenshot of your revit file please?

it is just a sample so I just threw a load of walls and doors together. never mind the door tag values as they are now.

can you run the graph and show me the output previews on the nodes before List.GroupByKey please?

Going back to my initial post. You would think there is a simple way to combine what I have already. I have a sequence that I want to assign to the room number.

you need the node get to-from room and then you need a code block to add the room number with a sequence.

Sorry but I went a different route following another thread. Door Renumbering By Room (Changing the numbering to letters)

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Appreciate all the help and time. I am still stuck for something to finalise the script. If you could look at that thread you will see my post.

i’m not that good and i’m very busy with a deadline, but i’ll do my best.


Ah OK. No problem so. Work is more important. Thanks again