Door mark to Security Device Shared Parameter

I am trying to have Dynamo let me select a door, get the mark value of that door and apply it to a security device shared parameter called “ComponentID-SP”. Is this even possible? Seems very simple but I cannot figure it out.

The ComponentID-SP is a parameter in the door family? If so, yes, absolutely. Take a look at get parameter value by name and set paramter value by name.

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Thanks Greg_McDowell! I am a Dynamo Rookie but if I can get this to work it will save my sanity! Going to try and figure this out today.

The ComponentID-SP is a shared parameter only in the Security Device family. The door is from an Architectural Linked model, which I could bind into the project if necessary. Basically I need to transfer the value from the Door: mark, into the Security Device: ComponentID-SP. I hope this is possible?

So it works in a regular model but, now I cannot select the Revit Linked door. The tag is selectable, is there a way to grab the mark from the tag or a way to select the door in the Revit link? should I just Bind it?

You can get door marks from a linked file.

The problem I see is how you scale this up. How do you have Dynamo determine which device goes with which door? My first guess would be to find the location of the doors and the location of the devices and see which ones are closest to each other. It might not be 100% accurate however.

Yea that would be nice, but at this point I don’t mind manually selecting them because its more accurate then me typing them in. I can’t get it to grab the value from the linked model though; I had to bind it. Is it possible to grab the value from the tag? The door tag is not in the linked model, it is in the project.

This is it! Now if someone can help me automate this by point location of linked door that would be awesome!