Editing parameters of a linked Revit file from the host

Hi All,
I have been struggling with this issue for some time now. I am working on a multi-res project which has each apartment type set up as links. The building shell is in the host model so windows are not a problem, however the internal doors live in the hosted link and therefore cannot be modified by convential methods with Revit or Dynamo. What I was hoping to do is use the ‘RVT Links: Name’ and ‘Mark’ parameters to tag these doors from the host model. The problem is obvious as the RVT Links: Name parameter is the name of each linked instance and so cannot live outside the host project, whereas the door Mark lives in the link. Both can be scheduled in the host file but the RVT Links parameter cannot be used in a tag as far as I know. Any ideas? Or am I wasting my time?

I am not entirely clear here. Are you actually wanting to change parameter values in the linked model, or just pull data from it?

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