Don't appear many LunchBox Nodes after setting up Lunchbox for Dynamo?

Hi everyone !!!

I’m a newer in the forum.

I just began learning with dynamo 0.9 for 2 weeks on the website While did an exersise in section “8.Dynamo for Revit - Customizing”, I had to download and install LunchBox for Dynamo to use LunchBox Quad grid by face. But after installing, this node did not appear in the library. I’m using Dynamo 0.9 Release and LunchBox for Dynamo Release on 29/11/2015.

I realize that all the LunchBox Nodes begining with prefix “Lunchbox” didn’t appear also, such as “LunchBox Adaptive Component Collector, LunchBox Area Element Collector…”

I’m very confused now! Everybody can help me! Thanks a lot!


Hi Vo_Minh_Doan

I have the same problem … did you find any solutions about that?

I need this package asap because I need to complete a project.

Please, let me know if you have something, please.

Thank you very much.