Does anyone know if there is a way of identifying which materials have missing images

When i render in the cloud revit i get a dialogue box pretty much every time, telling me that certain material image files are missing, but it doesn’t say which materials the images are missing from.
Does anyone know of a finding this out

  1. Get all materials.
  2. Get all render assets.
  3. Get all render asset images (several parameters so you’ll have to check the storage type).
  4. Find the file at the given path - if it’s missing you’ve found one.

I believe this needs Revit 2018.1 or later (you should be on 2018.3 of you’re in 2018) to work.

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Thanks - when i get the material appearance assets the image file parameters don’t seem to appear in the list of parameters?

What parameters are there?

Here’s what it throws out