Create Material Assets with Image Files

We’re trying to streamline our rendering process, and a big time suck is material creation.

Ideally, we’d like to use a file folder with all of our material swatches (carpets, tiles, etc.) to create material assets, and materials, from those files, ideally from strings in the file names.

All of the material asset creation nodes I’ve seen just have “color”, but none have “image”. Is Image open in the Revit API? Are there any scripts/packages that will let me accomplish this?

Hi @steinah6,

The Genius Loci package contains a dozen nodes to create and edit materials.


Downloaded. It says the nodes require the material to already have an assigned texture (I’m assuming “texture” refers to Image). This won’t work unless I duplicate existing assets, which I guess I can make work. Thanks!

Exactly, I did not find how to do if the material does not already have an assigned texture.
I don’t know if it’s possible.

I was able to create this script:
Materials - Create From Folder.dyn (31.9 KB)

I have it set up so you add a material “tag” designation as a prefix with an underscore, like “WD-1_Walnut-Medium”. This is how we tag and keep track of our materials.

It seems to work but it’s a little clunky, I found I had to duplicate the “Default” material, and then create & assign new Appearance assets. Also it doesn’t work if you’ve already created materials that match the prefix tags on the filenames.

Next step is to import an Excel list with more material properties like Manufacturer, Model, Glossiness, Relief Pattern, etc.

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Ahh jjst to revive this. I cant get to open your script in revit 2019. Also can this be done a set of multiple images from the folder and for a list of materials from revit. Could u share a snap of your script.