Can anyone point me in the right direction? Apologies for the n00b question, but this is got me stumped.

I’m trying to get a list of the Project Parameters from the current loaded file, but the Node just returns null values.

The current document is an MEP model, with an Architectural model linked.

Revit 2016, Dynamo 1.3.1. Packages shown below.

Try to add Boolean and set to true

The toggle input shouldn’t be an issue.
Please open the custom node, copy/paste the Python node contained within onto your canvas and run again.
The Python node should then show an error message. Post that message here.

There might be multiple instances of Document that are confusing Dynamo. I had this issue too.

True is by default on this node

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions, seems the Document.ProjectParameters Node doesn’t work, I’ve gotten around this by using the Document.ProjectParametersByCategory Node, it’s a few more steps and a bit more input initially.

@Andreas_Dieckmann - couldn’t see any problem with the node coding, but perhaps the script is missing?

I’ve been trying to code a script that will check the current file’s Project Parameters against a list of desired Shared Parameters from an external file and then create any missing Project Parameters. I have a few queries on the process further down the line, but this thread has been resolved. Thank you.

@C-Innes It would still be useful to find out what’s causing this so I can fix it and it doesn’t happen to others in the future. Could you please run the Python node from your main graph and report back what happens?

@Andreas_Dieckmann Here are the two streams and I’ve included the copied Python Node to show the errors in the main graph.

Hope it helps, and thank you for the feedback.

Thanks, tracking this here:

Will let you know when this is fixed.


@C-Innes Could you try and see if this version work for you?
Document.ProjectParameters.dyf (4.2 KB)


@Andreas_Dieckmann That works, and works very well!

Looks like you’ve fixed this one Andreas, Thanks!!!

I have the same problem although I installed the latest version. What is surprising is that I don’t see the same thing on another computer. Have you any idea what could be different and what could be the cause of that?

Try removing clockwork and reinstall the latest version for your version of dynamo. If that doesn’t help please create an issue on GitHub: