Did the Document.ProjectParameters (Clockwork) stop in Revit 2023

This script use to work but now the parameter name sends out Null. Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance

Test Upload.dyn (25.0 KB)

well this sucks it does work in revit 2020

In Revit 23, you must install the IronPython2.7 package

I think it is

OK so I am trying to eliminate the clockwork node and came up with another issue. why does this only list 1 name and not the three that is the same?

The API for parameters changed quite a bit in 2023 so it might be due to that (spec types, forge units etc.).

Unfortunately most package managers havent had time to sort out cross version management or IP2/CP3 support yet (even the Dynamo team didn’t get the integer change working in the official nodes to begin with).

With OOTB-Nodes its quite a hustle to get your problem solved. Just use an imperative language block:

And if you are just trying to get the parameter values you could just use Element.GetParameterValueByName with your list of parameter names.

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As @GavinCrump mentioned, this is due to an API change in Revit 2023. I fixed this last summer, but haven’t published a new package version yet.
You can download it from here and replace it in your package directory: