Surface Division


I’m new to Dynamo and I’d like to know if there is a way to subdivide a surface , and then select each subdivision individually. I want to further subdivide the some panels and leave some out. I’d like to keep the panels non-planar. As you can see the surface gets divided in the Revit file ( conceptual massing) , but I couldn’t figure out how I can actually divide /split the dynamo surface into subdivision.




With Dynamo, you don’t need to create a divided surface in Revit in order to populate it with panels. If you look at the LunchBox and Clockwork packages, they both have nodes for subdividing and paneling surfaces. I don’t have any links for LunchBox examples (although I’m sure you will find some workflows here on the forum), but I created some basic examples for Clockwork here:

(Look for anything that says “Paneling”)

If you feel that you absolutely must work from a surface divided in Revit, there’s also a node called “DividedSurface.EvaluateGridNodes” in package Clockwork that may be of help.