Divide one incoherent solid to many coherent solids?

Hi all.
Is there node to divide one incoherent solid to many coherent solids? (Like attached snapshot) Or some reference resource can help me deal with this problem.
I searched over the forum but can’t find the solutions.
Can you help me?

Hi Vo,

Try using “Geometry.SplitRecursively” from spring nodes package. Similar topic is discussed here Geometry.Split

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@Vo_Minh_Doan I suppose this should do the needful…

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Hi Kulku!
I have tried using “Geometry.SplitRecursively” node but i found this node used to cut solid by tools such as planes, faces or solids. In my case, i wanted to divide one incoherent solid by itself.
So this node can’t help.

Hi Vikram,
I tried your way but with my floor geometry, revit inform a strong error and go recovery.
I would like to send my Revit file
Divide Solid.rvt (2.5 MB)


@Vo_Minh_Doan Works for me.
Your Revit file is ver 2014, that could be an issue.

Hi Vikram
I tried with later version of Revit and it worked also.

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