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Could someone explain how does Springs.Geometry.SplitRecursively node work? Geometry input is a flat list of solids, tools input is a flat list of plans (XZ for an example). What is the correct input for a pickPoint and how it affect splitting result? I would like to use it to split each solid with plans from the plans list that intersect each given solid from the solid list.

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Hello, there is an illustration of it here:

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It’s quite straight forward really - you need to specify a rough point (or any geometry really) that is near the end of the slicing tools. That way, if your slicing tools are ordered correctly, you’ll be able to slice each piece recursively:

The max/min point of a bounding box is usually a good choice.

I usually just pick the origin of the last plane…

Morning guys,
im trying to use that node to split an sat file by level (so i get slices) but with no luck

Using Geometry.Split i can see each aprt but i dont get the slice at the level before. I could use some list management and split again but i was nuder the imression that the Spring node would do that