Distribute rebars after a line or points


I want to distribute rebars of any shape along a line with a certain orientation. Is this possible? I am fairly new to dynamo so I dont know really where to start. I have been able to make a rebar by Get.centerline and distribute points with the desired spacing along my selected line/edge. On the picture the rebars is oriented in the x direction, but I want my script to alter this so it can have a i.e 30 degree angle to the x axis.

Help would be much appriciated

Something to try:

  1. Build one curve showing the bar’s shape at the origin.
  2. Create a series of coordinate systems along the curve of the path you want to place these on.
  3. Apply the coordinate system to the bar geometry with a Geometry.Transform node.
  4. Plan on a split method to alter the shape of bars which overlap. I don’t know how that is engineered by hand so I don’t know the geometry techniques to do it via automation, but I think you could trim by intersection, and then extend the start and end by a negative distance.

Note that the original curve at the origin will need to be oriented to your path curve’s tangent and normal vectors, so you could be drawing on the XZ or XY plane.

I tried some stuff, but i didnt manage it. As you see from the picture it works on my first edge, but when my line changes direction the rebar does so aswell. Think I am kinda close, any more tips?

Dynotest.rvt (1.3 MB)

test2.dyn (38.4 KB)