Circular array

Hi all,

I’d like to “copy/rotate” rebar in a circular way.
I have one rebar element and like to revolve it let’s say 100 times over 360 degrees.
But there is no circular array node in Dynamo!

I already have joined the lines into one curve and would like to copy-rotate it along an axis 360 degrees.
Do I have to set it up so that dynamo must calculate all the starting and end points of the rebar. Then join them and send the bars to Revit?
Or can I take this single rebar and copy-rotate it over an axis? And if so how? What nodes to use?

I would rotate the curves along the axis and then make the rebar as it feels like that would be more stable, but I am not an expert with rebar so I don’t know.

To do this I would use this node:

Thanks for your reply Jacob.

But as I see it the object in the dictionary is being rotated from it’s original position to a new location.
It’s not being copied X-times over a 360 degree angle.
I order to rotate things I allready have the Code Block code:

seq = 0…1…#spaces;
x = r * Math.Cos(seq * spaces * 360);
y = r * Math.Sin(seq * spaces * 360);
pts = Point.ByCoordinates(x, y, z);

But I like to perform this to the joined curves and not to all the individual points that make up the rebar.

The code block and the node do the same - feed in a range like this:


This should work to spin the polycurve which you created the rebar from. Post a camera export of your dyn and I’ll have a look.


This is just what I needed! First It didn’t work because I had to set the lacing on the Geometry.Rotate node to Cross-product. Now it’s Awesome!

Glad it worked out. :smiley:

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Would you be kind enough to share your code? I’m struggling with a simple parametric polar array of some columns

@tony.phillips, did you check the link in post #2 above?