Distribute blocks along the baseline: error

Hi guys, I watched this on yt:

I need to place a circle at specific positions along the baseline of the corridor (not equally spaced!).
I created the block on Civil and then I used Dynamo to import the block and distribute it along the baseline.

THE PROBLEM: it allocate only the first circle at the first station but not the other circles at the subsequent stations. What do I do wrong?

Here the screeshots of the script:

here I import the document an select the baseline.

here I define the stations through a list (the element on the bottom-left corner), import the block and create the reference.

Thank you for any help you can provide!

I add also the script used to import data and create the list of stations. I did it differently from the video that shows how to do it creating a sequence from a range.

What is the output of your Baseline.CoordinateSystemByStation node ? Can you add a watch node and show it here please

this is the content:

CoordinateSystem(Origin = Point(X=613150.291, Y=5065511.003, Z=51.609), XAxis = Vector(X=0.399, Y=0.917, Z=0.000, Length=1.000), YAxis = Vector(X = -0.917, Y=0.399, Z=0.000, Length=1.000) ZAxis=Vector(X=0.000, Y=0.000, Z=1.000, Lenght= 1.000) XScaleFactor=1.000, YScaleFactor=1.000, ZScaleFactor=1.000)

If I’m not wrong it should be a list of these elements, right?

Yes, change the lacing to longest on that node

I changed the level to 3th and it worked, but I have no idea why :joy:

Thank you a lot!

The problem came because you had one baseline and a list of stations. You can solve this by using levels or changing the lacing strategy for your node : What's a List | The Dynamo Primer


Thank you so much! I am learning just now about lacing and it is a pretty good discovery! Thank you again :slight_smile: