Create blocks along coridor in Civil 3d

Hi, I’m a civil engineer and new in dynamo. I want to a create code, that creates blocks in corridor. The only example that I have found is this video:
The problem is that blocks should be created according to alignment radius. For example if radius is 50m then steps between blocks should be 5m and if radius 100m then steps between blocks should be10 m and so on. Any thoughts? Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Seems doable - do you have a data set and a graph thus far which you can share?

I think i may know how to create this, it wouldn’t be too difficult to do. You should use the nodes equalpoints along distance and tangentatparameter.

Hi sorry for long response, was a little bit busy :slight_smile:
Cant upload anything, because I’m a new user ;/

I think you are making this a lot more complicated than i actually is. What Dynamo version are you using? Revit, Civil3d?

Civil 3d