Distance between each set of floors

I am stuck somewhere in the script. For example, in each project i have floors on each level. I want to create and fill a parameter for each floor with clear distance below it. I know how to create and fill parameter and listing all but i dont know how can i find this clear distance between each floor as i will be having a list of floors.
What i tried and in my mind:

  1. Somehow get a point on middle of one floor and project it in other floors in Z direction
  2. Somehow divide the list of floors into sublists floors 0,1-1,2-2,3 and so on and find distance between them by node Geometry.distanceto
  3. Get levels of floors and somehow find distance between them

Each one has some limitations in my case too but what do you recommend in this case.

Here is an approach


Thanks but i didnt really understood at the end what you did with elevations of levels. What you did in the 2nd line of code block

1/ The list offset to be able to determine the height (between 2 levels, it is possible that I misunderstood your question)
2/Create a list with the floors and the height of the floor
(in text format)