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i’ve got a conservation with the technical support from Autodesk and they told me i should post my request in this forum to get some help. In our company we’ve got some big problems how we should manage the display order from our objects. You have the command after right-clicking the object to set this in front of anything else or set it in the back. Our projects are probably very big and so you lose the overview when you have many layers. But there is another command that calls “AECLAYERORDER”. With this command you can set the Display-order by layer but the problem is, when i need another Displayorder for an unique layout it does not work because you set the Display-order for the whole project. Does anybody got the same problems and maybe help me? Thanks and have a nice day.

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Lukas Valerius

The display order of what and where exactly?

I gotta say whenever we have to show any amounts of elements in Revit I’ve been using Dynamo to create custom lists in excel files.

The programm i’m working with is Civil 3D. Let’s say i have one layout which shows me my plan with a canalisation and in the same DWG i got a layout which show other tube’s. In the first layout i want to see the canalisation in front off all and in the secon layout i want to see the tubes in front of all. So i want to control each layer (and the dsiplayorder of them) in my project for each layout.

You’re not working in Revit?

I can’t help you, and as far as I know Dynamo is to be used with Revit.

No, just with Autocad Civil 3D. I have only posted my request here because the support recommended it. Thanks for the fast respond. I’m seaching further to solve my problem.

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I looked it up and apparently you can use Autocad Civil 3D (since about 1.5 years) combined with Dynamo but…

this is the first I’ve heard of it.

Hello Lukas, is this what you are looking for? I copied viewport in layout and place it on top of the first one. I freezed object in one. I freezed object in second. Than you can set display order for viewports.
layoutsCorrectObjectOrder.dwg (1.5 MB)_layout2

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Yes exactly, i think this solution works for me but I Think its a little bit unhandy and hope in the furture there comes an easyier way to manage the draworder.
Thanks an all the people who helped me :slight_smile:
Have a nice day!

@Lukas163 this is an interesting problem. How have you and your team worked around this in the past? As far as I know, it is not possible in AutoCAD to control draw order on a per-layout basis.

In the past we used the commands “hatchtoback” and adapted each layout and it takes a very long time. At my new project i searching for solutions and found the “AECLayerorder”. In fact it doesnt solve our problems completely but it’s better than nothing. After my research that AutoCad doesn’t get this function i’m writing the support and now im here :slight_smile:
I also posted this idea at the ideas board. Maybe in the future i get a function which could help me.