Display of linked models

Hi everyone !

My problem is very simple but I did not find an answer, so I try here:
We integrate into our architectural models the MEP technical models made by the engineering offices. Unfortunately, the graphic replacements of the different mep systems are displayed in our arch model, which we would not like. (And no filters or graphic overrides work)

The question is therefore simple: is it possible via dynamo to perform a graphic replacement that works so that ALL our linked models are grayed out?

Can someone have a solution please ?

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If you just want them grayed out is it not enough to turn the Halftone on for the links?

Unfortunely not ! It’s turn on Halftone but still on color definized in meps’s system’s graphic replacement done to the linked model.

How would you do this in the UI? Note that there are several limitations to the capability to edit the VG of link elements themselves, so a filter may be required.