Display corridor in dynamo


I’m new to Dynamo. Got a question: when I try to display corridor and feature line to dynamo, the continuous line breaks. And when I add a sphere in a certain point, the sphere doesn’t look right either. Has anyone had this situation before? Thanks in advance!

The blue solid is actually a sphere. And black and blue lines are corridor and feature lines.


Check your geometry scaling relative to your coordinates. Dynamo needs elements to be drawn closer to the origin than many C3D users leverage - it doesn’t have the ‘we draw really really big things’ scale as C3D does. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your quick response! Are you talking about the geometry scaling in dynamo? I have updated it to “extra large” when I was running the script. It doesn’t make a difference. Might be another reason for this problem?

it needs to be medium


Thanks Paolo! It works, but then there is a warning note for “Baseline.PolyCurve” suggesting me to select “extra large”. I’m just a little bit worried that it would be an issue if I further develop my script and dealing with data later on. Should I worry about this? Thank you!

it’s just a warning, keep developing the script and ignore it