Sorry for my lack of knowledge of Dynamo for C3D
I could not manage to use Civil3D_DaylightSlopePattern tool I am running for my corridor but nothing happens what to do? do I have to add something in code?

Hi @Beka_Tchighladze,

Welcome! In my experience, it is not very often that you can open a script and have it run perfectly the first time. Most scripts are not developed to be “bulletproof” and work in every situation, so it usually takes a little bit of work to adapt a sample script to your specific needs. So with that said, I’m not surprised that you aren’t seeing anything. There is probably an error being thrown somewhere in the script that is preventing downstream nodes from working.

Try stepping through the graph and reading any yellow warning messages on the nodes. Better yet, you can post an image of the graph after you run it for others to help and identify the issues.


No need to post the .dyn file in this case - it is available in the Samples directory, so anyone else can already get to it.

Also check the Working Geometry Scaling and be sure it set to medium

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Thank you for your replies
so there are several errors there is first what does code wants?

@Beka_Tchighladze How many corridors do you have in the drawing? Can you isolate a the feature lines you are using for this exercise and show them? is the corridor based on a feature line or alignment and profile?

it is based on alignment and profile I have 1 corridor it is just a test to study how to use