Display.ByGeometryColor doesn't work when nested in code block

So I’ve made a Coordinate System Preview with adjustable size that works when as a collection of nodes, but stops working when I create a code block from the node collection. Has anyone else had this problem? Make me a liar.

02 03











Revit 2015, Latest DynamoInstall0.9.0.20151008T2051.



Nick, I suppose you mean ‘nested in custom node

Unable to make any useful comments as larger versions of your last two images are unavailable and your dynamo definition won’t work as the dyf file of your custom node is unavailable.


Yes I meant custom node, not code block. Will improve my terminology. :slight_smile:

I have re-uploaded images with large versions. Also have uploaded the custom node.

CS Display 03


Has anyone else had problems with display nodes not “displaying” when nested inside custom nodes? If so, I will submit to Github…

Sorry, unable to test, missing the Vector.Display node

In the version without the custom node, have you switched off the preview of all nodes other than the last one?

I upgraded to the latest build 0.9.1 and now display by geometry color doesn’t work at all. Same file was working fine in 0.8.2