Disallow Topography create chord line when it has some inflection


I am trying to create topography model by picking some reference line on floor.
I almost finish it. However when i create topography following curved surface, it create chord line(see below) .

I tried to cut the point list by using lowest point, it is not easy for me.

If you know any good idea, Please let me know that.


Do you use Topography.ByPoints? If you use this node, you will always get a chord at the side.

You can also create a Topography using a Dynamo mesh. This will create a Topo which is not editable in Revit, but it wont create chords.

do you have a test project?

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Hi @Joelmick !
Thank you for replaying on this thread.

Yes, I did use “Topography.ByPoints”.
As you said, I tried mesh method.

it is really good looking. but i would like to create editable model.

Anyway thank your sharing the idea!

Another way is to create a SubSiteRegion using the outer curves? (Can be done with Dynamo)

or split the surface using the curves (Cannot be done with Dynamo)

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