Dynamo_Exporting warnings to excel

Hi, I am exporting Revit warnings to excel using dynamo but, in the excel result, I’m not getting the right element category next to the description of the right warning.
As you can see in the snap below for Highlighted floors overlap I’m getting the Structural column as a category.


@Shirish.s.dande ,

i do it like this… i would just export the report, Elements and ID are included!



@Shirish.s.dande Welcome to the community!

For Warnings, @john_pierson has the awesome package called Bang

Try this package.

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Thanks. I am using the same package only but, the result I’m getting is not right. It is not showing the correct Element Category for warnings.

could you share some images of warnings?

In the image below I’m getting the Structural column as a category for floor-related warnings.