DirectShape.ByGeometry Edits

Is it possible to edit the generic models imported using DirectShape? So far I’ve got my some faux-formwork entities being created, thickened, and materialized, but I’d like to be able to pull grips, delete openings, etc.

Currently, I’m selecting face geometry, using Surface.Thicken to get the formwork thickness I want, then using DirectShape.ByGeometry. I’ve switched around the imported category but none of the ones that generate anything can be edited.

Code Sequence:




No. Think of the DS elements as an IFC links. You can only modify them in the original input software (in this case Dynamo), prior to generating them in revit. Revit does not provide the means to manipulate the geometry stored in the DS. We can only store a new geometric shape inside the DS element.

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Maybe as a work around use a face based family with instance based height and width parameters. Dynamo could place these and set the sizes (even rounding to concrete form dimensions) as needed by using point at parameter nodes to get the min and max points for each surface. Might even be able to get dynamo to select concrete wall faces for you automatically.

Falls apart some with curved walls, but isnt that usually the case?

Thank you to both of you! While the DS’s being un-editable is disappointing, I think there is some promise to the face-based families idea, so I’ll try that one out. My biggest issue will be fitting it to odd shapes (like the sides of cast-in-place stairs. I’ll follow up with whatever I’m able to work out!

Hello, could you share this workflow ? I m finding out how to model formwork by select face

I gave some input on the other thread - run with that and post your family and dyn attempts and we can try and sort you out there.