ꟿ DirectShape.ByGeometry, add material

Hello, I have created a script that allows me to place plaster on the desired faces of a stair, includes discounts in areas adjacent to other structural elements.

I have used a node and a package to import it into Revit, but for the first one the geometry surface comes out triangulated and for the second I cannot put material, can the second be modified to add material?
Thanks in advance

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Use the FamilyInstance.ByGeometry node
DirectShapes can’t have a material i think


Hi @jhonvalvel

Probably this one here will work for you…

Screenshot 2021-05-13 231529

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Note that this method will create the family type, but will not create an instance thereof.

Conversely the FamilyInstance.ByGeometry node will create the family type and an instance in one shot.


Hi, thanks for your answers, I used the node that you recommended to me, however the reason why I exported it as Directshape, is because it serves me so much to use it in a technical plane, renderings and to obtain the volume, something that cannot be Or maybe I don’t know how to get it from families.

Each DirectShape can have one Material.

In the API, I think it is if they are meshes made with TessellatedFace, which takes a materialId.


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Thanks for correcting me.