Direction of Tee.By2MEPCurves

Hi everyone
Now I’m developing auto piping with dynamo
but I have some problem in direction of tee. in case of sanitary tee that have direction

I have captured dynamo and revit ( Below)

there is 4(Number1 ~ Number4) sanitary Tee in above GIF clip ( Below)

Number1 Tee direction is OK
Number2 Tee direction is OK
Number3 Tee direction is NO - direction of this tee is opposite direction
Number4 Tee direction is OK

Is there hint for my issue about Tee.By2MEPCurves package in MEPover
thank you

Long story short: no you cannot change this behaviour with the Tee.By2MEPCurves nodes.
The longer story: The node uses the NewTeeFitting method from the Revit API:
This method accepts 3 connectors as inputs. The Tee.By2MEPCurves breaks up the main branch and makes a copy of that pipe and then finds the connectors from the 3 pipes that are closest to each other. When doing this it does not take the direction of the main branch into account, so I think that is why the direction of the fitting placement is somewhat arbitrary (based on connector location and not on direction of the MEPCurve).
As an alternative you could use the Tee.By3MEPCurves node. This node will take in 3 pipes and the connectors are fed into the NewTeeFitting method in that order, so that should give you a more consistent result.

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Thank you for your reply.
I will try Tee.By3MEPCurves