Dimensions in Dynamo

Hi all again !!!

Can any one explain me please

can I implement this http://thebuildingcoder.typepad.com/blog/2014/11/picking-pairs-and-dimensioning-family-instance-origin.html
In Dynamo over phyton???

Existing node do not do what I want to do but reading this article I got light in end of the tunnel again.

Sorry im new to all Dynamo stuff


Yes, you can. Jeremy Tammik has enormous knowledge and his blog gives really good hints on how to make things happen in Revit.
The question is - do you know enough C# and Python to see what is the idea behind the sample on the blog and how to port this code to Python?

Thanks for your time

Got some experience in #C in past not much but I can read codes quiet easy.
Well im new in all this but I do love to learn new things every day.

So I think time to learn phyton. Any good learning source by any chance???


For starters I suggest Python course from codecademy. It’s short, introduces you to Python syntax, covers lists and gives enough time to think what to do next and it’s free.

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