Revit and Dynamo "type" objects


Ive just started out on learning the Revit API and scripting. Through reading and research, I have come across a few instances where theres a need to convert between “dynamo” object and “revit” objects.
My questions are:

  1. Is there any way I can identify which is which? (A rule of thumb maybe.)
  2. Where can I find the API documentation for dynamo objects?

Sorry if my understanding is incorrect at present state, even so, I hope someone will be willing to correct and enlighten me!
Thanks in advance

This is an old post but the Wrapping/Unwrapping and Geometry conversion sections are still relevant. Python will take care of converting to Dynamo objects sometimes. Most of the time it will be pretty obvious what is a Revit object (dot notation) and what is a Dynamo object (more user friendly).

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Also, if you’re just getting started it may be easier to learn dynamo basics before you jump into python. Walk before you run and all that.

Thanks Nick, link was really helpful :slight_smile: