Dimensioning a Wall

I’m just trying to start with the basics of dimensioning a wall. I can get its length at just over 196 inches and the two end points. But when I feed that into the dimensioning node, I keep getting nulls.

Dimension 003.dyn (159.4 KB)
In version 4 it says I’m getting Dimensions, but I can’t see them
Dimension 004.dyn (161.8 KB)
LearningDimensions.rvt (5.5 MB)

I think you need to feed in reference instead of points?

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Hi @TurtleWolfe,

For curtain walls, use the dedicated nodes : CurtainWall Horizontal (or Vertical) References nodes from the Genius Loci package.
Pay attention to the inputs of the Dimension ByReferences node.

that’s what I used in the 004 file. It is returning dimensions now, but I can’t see where they end up at. They are either zero length, offscreen or at an angle I can’t see them? (not sure) It says there is not a good view to see them.

Here is an example :

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