Dimension Type Parameters

How do I get color and Units Format parameters from dimensions, or any parameter that you need to click the additional popup box in the type properties?

Thanks - Jason

Do I have to filter out the different dimension types first to get the units?

Still looking to get this info, any help would be appreciated

I was able to get and set the color with Builtin Parameter, but it’s just giving me nulls if I try the same for the units format

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Thanks @viktor_kuzev - I will read up on the API help file and see if I can get and info for the Units format of the dimension.


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Adding this to Rhythm now.


Thanks John, This works in 2017!

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@Jason_Trahan It works only at 2017.1 or Greater Version. “DimensionType.GetUnitsFormatOptions()” was added in 2017.1 Version.