Dimension rebar (stirrups)

I’m having trouble creating a dimension line for a serie of stirrup distances.
It seems like the node Dimension.ByElements needs faces to create a dimension line.
Any ideas anyone?


The node needs References not Faces… But you can get a reference from a face, or edge or reference plane etc.

Apologies I’m not experienced with rebar, but have a look at the genius loci package by @Alban_de_Chasteigner? There are a few nodes which get references, maybe they will point you in the right direction?



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Thanks for your reply Mark. I’ll give them a try and let you know.

Think I found the problem. The node Dimension.ByElements actually works fine dimensioning rebar in a normal detail view. What I’m doing is trying to dimension rebar (stirrups) in an assembly view.
This node doesnt work in assembly detail views.

Sounds similar to a legend? You can get references but no dimensions can be created :frowning: seems an API limitation… Can you make invisible detail lines and dimension those? Not ideal…

Hi Mark,
I don’t know if this an API limitation. I’m also using a tool from AGAcad (SmartAssemblies+SmartDimensions) which can create rebar dimension lines in an assembly view. So why can’t Dynamo?

Maybe post a test file and people can investigate?