Dimension openings in walls

Hi All,

I tried the method described in this post Automatic Dimension Walls but it seems Dynamo 2.0.3 does not allow you to create a wall by face. Both, “RevitFaceReference.FromDynamoSurface” and “Wall.ByFace” are giving me Null values, or maybe i´m doing something wrong. Could you please help me? :))

DimensionsForWallOpenings.dyn (36.3 KB)

Dynamo Version:
Revit 2019.2

Can you show a more “zoomed” in view of your graph? We can’t see what nodes you’re using.

Yes sorry, I used Export Workspace as image but is not working.

Thou shaltest “zoom in” whenst exporting a workspace of thine dynamo graph. Fear not, for all the nodes shalt be visible in the product!

What are you selecting?
Looks like you want to create a wall by the face of another wall of the same type?

Edit> I believe the Wall.ByFace node will only work with a face from a Mass Geometry, but I might be wrong about that

Yes, I´m selecting a Wall from Revit and that´s actually what I want to do, create a wall from a face wall.

Any workarounds to create dimension openings in walls? Maybe my workflow is not ok, I tried to use the same as you mentioned at Automatic Dimension Walls ,I don´t know how to use python so i only copy/paste the same script and used the same nodes.


I honestly don’t understand why would you like to slap a wall on the face of another wall.

I believe there is something else you want to do. Feel free to illustrate what you want to achieve with pics.
You need references for the dimensions and if you don’t want to use Python there are some good nodes in the Genius Loci package

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This is what I want to achieve.

Hi Horacio,

You can do this with a few nodes :

Dimension walls and openings.dyn (20.6 KB)

Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

I tried using that method but got a warning at the final costume node, then opened it and found another warning “Cannot find type ‘Autodesk.Revit.DB.Reference’”. I used your file also made one myself and got the same result. Any sugestions?

I´m using
Revit 2019.2.2
GeniusLoci v.2019.12.28

Please update the package. This will solve this issue.

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It worked.
Thanks a lot!