Dimension by element, Auto-dimension dynamo



As you should do to place dimensions of a beam such as the image.



I’m just new to Dynamo and I’ve been looking for a script that allows to automatically place dimensions on all the balustrades of a railing, instead of going one by one. So far I haven’t found anything that accomplishes that.

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Hi we might need a new topic for this…

Here’s my quick and dirty go which shows you most of the key things…

I set it to work in a section view as the most useful one… Most aspects of the graph are a bit quirky… The end and start transaction is required otherwise it tries to make the dimension before the reference planes…!


The big problem is that I couldn’t extract Faces (therefore References) from the Railing… I could extract geometry from the railing and get Face References, but I can’t convert those. This means I can’t make the dimension locked to the balustrades, all I can do is make a reference object and dim those. Which means you get a bunch of reference planes you don’t want, and if the spacing changes it’s out of date.

DimensionBalustrade-3.dyn (331.7 KB)

Hopefully someone can fix that!




Hello Mark,

Thanks a lot for your effort! Not sure if this might work; but I was thinking of adding some invisible reference detail lines to the balustrades center (inside the family editor), so Revit can read those invisible lines. That could replace the reference object and maintain dims updated when the distance of balustrades changes.



Hey Ricardo,

I know mine is not a perfect solution, it would be great if you could refine and see what works! I’m not absolutely clear in my mind what is allowed to be a reference… Detail lines would certainly be better :slight_smile:




Hey Mark,

Thanks for your answer. Oh, just to clarify, I actually don’t know how to program in Dynamo, yet. I’m relying on my imagination to put forward my ideas and see how they can be developed by experts like yourself. When I get the basic knowledge to do scripting, I will be adding my work here, so everyone can refine it.

In the meantime, I would like to post automation ideas so you can have food for thought =).