Diferent behavior for String From Object node vs Code Block

Hola amigos buenas, do any of you know why String From Object gives different results in node and code block? when I use it in node it gives me a string with 6 decimals, while when I use it in code block it directly cuts the zeros to the right, even the doubles that do not have decimals it removes even the decimal point, this happens even in the most recent version, thanks in advance!

@gilberto.arechigaiba ,

i think it is a designScript issue… it translates values automaticlay to his objecttype

Amigo @Draxl_Andreas, Thanks for the analysis, Any idea how to make them work in the same way? :sweat_smile:

de pana, no tengo ni idea … quisas Pyhton :wink:
pero mira se explica profundo el thema …

I’m just going to improvise, it’s nothing important I just want to give a format with a suffix to my numbers nothing important really, thanks for the information I already saved it in my library.

Try ""+a; instead of calling that method; it’s a bit janky.


Amigo @jacob.small, It works thanks a lot man you are genial!! :grin:

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