String from Object Glitch 1.3.3

So Dynamo decided to do this today: Can anyone help me understand why, where, or what I need to set in the file to keep it from doing things like this? There is not data coming into this node with this amount of significant figures. Is it a Revit units problem? Weird.

No glitch… simply the way dynamo transforms doubles into strings… I usually use a small python script instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Or use a code block:

String.Replace(str, “.000000”.””)

I used a string separate node to cutoff everything after the decimal. @Jonathan.Olesen, what is your understanding as to why Dynamo does this? Absent any other input that would add the extra decimal places I’m not seeing how this cannot be viewed as a slight oversight in the application.

@Cody_Winchester It’s working for me :thinking:

@Cody_Winchester ok I got your error

You could use just a Math.Ceiling or Math.Floor nodes

It’s the difference between a number and an integer.

As @salvatoredragotta said used Ceiling or Floor.

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