"StringFromObject" DesignScript implementation

Hi Community, just want to ask a simple question.
I’m trying to convert a list of numbers to a list of strings, instead of using a node (StringFromObject) I would like to call the same function in DesignScript, to keep everything in a single code block.
The more similar thing I have found is the “ToString()” command, but it acts like the “StringFromArray” node, returing a string with its curly brackets etc.

Is there a way to avoid this ugly lacing I have done in the attached image?

thank you all!

Try this:

Put the number in parentheses and then use a + and open then close quotes.


In your case

marcs = (1…List.Count(Elem))+“”


Thank you Jacob, it works!
I didn’t know this feature existed.
Is it documented anywhere?

Thank you again

Not sure. I read it in the forum once I think from a post @Kulkul made.

Hi @jacob.small / @Miguel_Salvador1

Here are the design script documentations.

Dynamo_language_guide_version_1.pdf (1.6 MB)

DesignScriptDocumentation.pdf (705.5 KB)

DesignScript Summary User Manual.pdf (863.5 KB)

Check out @solamour at RFO. He has did a great write up.