Determination of construction orientation according to glazed surfaces and window exposure

Hello everyone,

I need you. Following the new environmental regulations, we must determine the orientation of the construction according to the following criteria:

  • FAVORABLE if the total of glazed surfaces to the SOUTH is greater than or equal to 50% of the total glazed surface
  • AVERAGE if the total glazed areas in the SOUTH-WEST and SOUTH-EAST are greater than or equal to 50% of the total glazed area
  • UNFAVORABLE if the total of glazed areas to the WEST and EAST is greater than or equal to 50% of the total glazed area
  • VERY UNFAVORABLE if the total of glazed surfaces to the NORTH, NORTH-WEST and NORTH-EAST is greater than or equal to 50% of the total glazed surface
    The glazed area also depends on the room in which the room is located. If the window is in an isolated room (living area), the glazed area is taken into account, on the other hand, if the room is not insulated (useful area), then the glazed area is not counted.

To automate all this, here is how I proceeded:

  • I created project parameters on windows

  • With Dynamo:
    * I determine the orientation of each windows (I got help from this thread :
    * I group the SOUTH-WEST and SOUTH-EAST orientations and
    fills in the yes/no parameter “Orientation_SO_SE”
    * I calculate each glazed surface according to the orientation
    in the “Surface_vitrée_SO_SE” parameter

To have a visual, I created view filters in order to assign a color according to the orientation:

  • GREEN for windows facing SOUTH
  • YELLOW for windows facing SOUTH-WEST and SOUTH-EAST
  • ORANGE for windows facing WEST and EAST
  • RED for windows facing NORTH, NORTH-WEST and NORTH-EAST

My problem is that I would like to filter out windows that is in non-insulated rooms. I’m trying to retrieve the room’s built-in ‘Service’ setting and determine if the millwork is in a room that has ‘USEFUL’ service and filter them. In the window schedules, I manage to select “From room: Service” to filter.

Is there a way to retrieve the Part Service built-in setting?

Orientation construction.dyn (132.8 KB)

Thanks in advance.


I can’t open you’re dyn file, its empty.
Can you send a sample file with the windows / rooms and your script?

I hope this script will work

Orientation construction.dyn (132.8 KB)

Still empty.

Can you send a rvt file with the room inside?

I’m going to try

Are you saying you can’t get the parameter with GetParameterValueByName or are you specifically trying to do it with a schedule filter?

I’m trying to retrieve the service value of the room and filter windows when it’s “UTILE”

Can you show us how you’re attempting to do that? It should be as straight forward as getting the value and then filtering the windows (assuming you have a relationship between the rooms and windows already.)


Since I can not send images or a project, I send you a link which contains screenshots, the dynamo script and a project. Here is the wetransfer link :

I hope you don’t mind. Thank you.

@yohann.heuze1 like this?

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Thanks. I will try this and I will say if it’s ok

I reproduced the dynamo script and I get the rooms rather than the windows. I do not understand.

@yohann.heuze1 filter the windows, not the rooms.

Sorry, I made a link error. It works. Nickel. Here is the end result, once I put all the scripts together.

Thank you all for your help.

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