DetailLine.FromCurv View Problem

Hello all,

I am trying to draw a curve on a Sheet that I just created but DetailLine.FromCurv does not seem to like the view coming out of Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndView. Once the view has been created I can feed it with Views and it works fine. See picture. Does anyone know why the Views node does not produce a list (I think this is the problem at least)?

Thank for any help you can provide,

Hi @Steven_Hansen,

The “DetailLine.FromCurve” doesn’t seem to like lists of views. It takes one view so you have two options here.

a) Flatten you list with a List.Flatten node…
b) Upgrade your Dynamo to version 1.2 and use the “Use Levels” feature (Very useful) see below…

You can set this by left clicking the “>” symbol on the node and checking the “Use Levels” checkbox. This will give you access to the selection box with the “@L1” text, use the up and down buttons to choose which Level of the list you want to use.