Detail number = View Name


I’m trying to make a script that will change the Detail Number of a Callout/View to the value of View Name. The views that i would like to edit are named HS42-1,2,3… so i filtered those views, but i’m not sure where I should connect the element box in the SetParameterByName node…

Just getting “Dereferencing a non-pointer. (3f46aacd)” message.

Also tried the “Rhythm.Detail Number by View Name” node but that doesn’t work at all?


Hi @Per_Lindholm

Are you looking to set only specific named? Not sure if this is what your looking for

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This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much for the quick response @Kulkul!

Hi I followed this script but nothing happened for me i need to copy view name (possible all) so i dont need to type detail view again to Detail Number View.

Here is the image i want to do

Hi you are using Viewports instead of views :wink: .
Try changing that to Views or Sections, FloorPlans…
Or image

Hi thanks, Changed View Section but it still doesnt work. how to select all or range of views that will copy View Name to Detail Number

Hi, can start new thread. That way you will get more answers.

Thanks Jan