Issue: Detail Number is already in use

Hello all !
I tried changing the “Detail Number” parameter of the view, but the warning is “Detail Number is already in use”. Is there a solution for my case?.
Thanks you !

In Revit you can’t have more views with the same detail number, so the only solution, I guess, is to find the conflicting view and change its number (as you would do it in Revit).

Check this link, seems to be solved here:

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Hi Sean1 !
I have used the Set SetIn Parameter node but it does not work. I replace the Element.SetParameterByName node with the same error…

It would really help to see all of the graph with preview open. It still seems like you aren’t giving them a random character first. In the link I sent you did you see the node “Chaacter.FromNumber”? That is changing the value first, then after the passthrough node setting the final name. Please show and/or share the rest of your graph for more help.