Rename detail views of assembly

im working on node for assembly and i would like to rename views, but im bit lost with code block. Can i use the views from list for code block a rename with specific name for every view?

The values for “view name” should be string not numbers or integers.
try to use “String From Object” to convert generated numbers as strings.
Or you can generate characters as well
see attached.

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Thank u Kim for reply :wink:
i followed your advice and could be work. Just one question. I try to be more specific with naming of views. Every view has specific name, sorry for this wrong exaple before. Please can u check again the node and take into account different charakter of naming in red box? Or if u know some link where are cases how to write combine and use code blocks ill be very glad. thanx :wink:

You can easily make a list with codeblock or List.Join node.
But I don’t think it’s a good idea to make each name manually, because in most cases you don’t really know the order or number of items in the list. And most importantly, it’s far from convenience.

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thx it works well and very easy!
Actually the naming of views is just translate to my language so that just replaced origin names :wink:
thank u for helping!