Detail Lines Not Accessible in View?

I’m seeing a little boo boo in Dynamo and I want to make sure I’m not taking crazy pills: I’m trying to collect all the elements in the active view, and then filter out everything but the Detail Lines. The string of nodes I used should return precisely this, but for some reason Dynamo isn’t understanding. What am I missing here?

Try with ONE detail line first, and add an object.type node after each of the other nodes to confirm you’re comparing matching data types.

Also I believe that there is an all elements of category in view which will likely be faster here.

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You arrive at the same place with the all elements of category but it will be much longer. This is because you will have to filter down to the view only to end up in the same place. I think there is an issue with accessing detail line data that may require python or other api workarounds. Unless anyone has any other suggestions? Please let me know.

I think you ran into this issue:
Convert the categories into strings before comparing them.