Split Detail Lines

So, I’m working on what I thought should be a simple script that would split detail lines at their intersection points. I can’t get the lines to show up in my Revit view though. Everything seems to be working in dynamo, other than regenerating the detail lines. Let me know if you have an insights!


Could you show some node previews please?

I’m a bit confused by the grid.curve node? :slight_smile:

You might need cross lacing on your intersect & splitting nodes…

When it works, presumably you’ll need to delete the un-split originals? Otherwise they’ll be sat on top?



Hey Mark,

Here’s an update, it works for the most part now. Only issue is when there are a lot of lines to split I end up with lines splitting at points that aren’t intersections. Must be the Curve.IntersectAll node not reading the points correctly? Let me know of any suggestions.