Detail Line Circle not fully closed

I’ve been trying to create circles as detail lines.
For some reason they are almost never closed.
Depending on the radius they are sometimes closed, but after generating a new circle with the same radius it is often not closed anymore…
This problem does NOT occur when creating the circles as model lines!

Any ideas as to how this can happen? Or how to solve this?

Draw detail line.dyn (17.9 KB)

(Currently working in Revit 2021.1.7 (dynamo 2.6.2) since I needed this for an older project)

Hi @Laura_BIMChick try detail curve from clockwork


Thanks, that seems to do the trick.
Still don’t get why the OOTB node doesn’t generate a closed circle…

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yes a good old issue :wink:

Which Radii failed?

Also, what was the line style of the generated circle?

GitHub issue from 2017 on this very topic: DetailCurve.ByCurve does not draw circles · Issue #1802 · DynamoDS/DynamoRevit · GitHub


Thanks @Andreas_Dieckmann - I’m going to resurface this to the Dynamo for Revit team to hopefully get this resolved in a future release.