Detail Item Parameters from Excel

Still a big noob at Dynamo.

I have a 2D Detail item that has got several instance parameters. I have 30+ instances of this detail item and each one has differing values of the parameters.

I have created a schedule of the item with parameters and exported that to Excel and I am going to populate it in there. Then I want to push that into Revit using Dynamo.

Now. Where the heck do I start?

Hi @MartinGTE ,

@GavinCrump has made a great video about writing parameter-values into multiple parameters for FamilyInstances: Understanding list levels in Dynamo! - YouTube

Regarding getting the Excel information back into Dynamo should you use the Excel Importing node, that’s quite straightforward.


Brilliant thanks, will give it a watch and go.

Right, still struggling. All the examples I have found on YT etc get things like walls, windows, doors etc. I am trying to get a certain family type of a detail item.

I have done the following, but this gets ALL Detail Items. How do I filter it down to a certain one?