Detail Component by Curve (Clockwork)

I am attempting to make a 2D drafting view profile of a truss for documentation as part of contract documents. I started with the Clockwork node DetailComponent.ByCurve and have been able to get a preview of the truss in the Dynamo canvas, but that component does not appear in the Drafting View I have specified.

Family1 is a 2D Detail Component with a Instance Parameter of Length.

Since the Watch node is giving me a bunch of null I am guessing I am missing something, but not sure what that might be.

Ideally it would be great if I could get the actual size of each member of the truss to somehow be a property of each detail line, but one step at a time.


Hello Tom, I guess your Family Type ‘Family1’ has to be line based to work. It needs to have a start and end point. Hope this helps.

Hi Tom,

You can also try the other node “FamilyInstance.ByPointInView”.

thanks. will give it a try