Deleting Views by Sub-Disciline...issues

Hey all,

I am having issues with deleting my views, based on their sub-discipline name. My end-goal is to use the Data-Shapes package to create a dialog box, that will allow the project creator to batch-style remove all sub-disciplines in the setup file we don’t need. I have already done a similar script that will allow the project creator to delete Levels, Ref Planes, Scope boxes and Sheets Based on their (created parameter), “view-Sheet Type”. The other script is wildly successful for us, and I decided I wanted to expand the project setup abilities in Dynamo.

Below is a simplified part of the script (i have removed my 300000+ watch nodes), and taken out the Data-Shapes, just to get the theory down before I over complicate it.


The script works great, …as in ‘no errors’…but either ALL the views get deleted, or no views get deleted. I have been testing it on our “Systems” sub-discipline, to try and remove just that one Sub-D. But I have not been successful.

-I have tried adding in more ‘list-create’, removing them, and lots more attempts… but I am completely out of trys and attempts…my brain has been exhausted and I am probably missing something PAINFULLY obvious.

Any help is appreciated

Delete Views by Sub-Discipline.dyn|attachment (35.8 KB)

You are connecting your Element.GetParameter into your Boolean mask. You need an element list :slight_smile:


Thanks @Martin_Spence1 for the reply!

Total noob question…How do i get an element list?

I checked for some nodes, but i couldn’t find the right one i guess :confused:

@J.Wehmer your elements (views in this case) are already in a list :slight_smile: your List.Clean output is what you need to connect

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@awilliams to the rescue :slight_smile:. Sorry for not being clearer in my answer :slight_smile:

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@awilliams Thank You! That was the final piece!

@Martin_Spence1 Thank you for getting us most of the way there :smiley:

I have been beating this script up for hours now and could not figure it out, and yall knocked it out in a few minutes :star_struck:

Follow Up
-Thank yall for the help, I finally finished my script!

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