CurtainGridLine.RemoveSegment Node Fails

Hi, guys! Perhaps my issue is not too complicated, but I have been struggling with it for a while, so I have decided it might be better to ask.

I am trying to create a script for automatic placement of gridline segments where a door would be placed later on. I tried doing that by creating the complete gridline and then removing segments beyond specified height. The problem is that CurtainGridLine.RemoveSegment from Rhythm package would not work.

I think it could be related to the way I obtain the CurtainGrid from the Wall. I noticed that by using custom nodes for that purpose, I would get for example “WombatDynamo.CurtainGrid” element, or another one, depending on the package used, but none of them seems to work in my case.

I am using a selection of detail lines to determine grids location.

This is how the script looks at the moment:

You can also find it attatched. Here is a link to download the file I am using for testing:


Home.dyn (42.3 KB)

Where you able to find out the solution for CurtainGridLine.removeSegment ? I was getting nulls.

hi! not really, I actually stopped working on this particular graph shortly after and I haven’t had to deal with Curtain Walls ever since :frowning: if I come back to the topic, I will share the solution here

If I just quickly study your script, I see you’re trying to create your own point system. I would not do this. Instead I would use the starting points of the gridlines themselves. That way you can use List.FilterByBoolMask or something alike because it originates from the same element.

Now I also don’t see your entire script but I don’t think you’ve adjusted for any mullions sizes

However that is as far as the script goes. If you’re just adding doors to a window frame, I would use groups and do it manually.